Vivid Dreams Never Let Me Fall Asleep

I’ve been through a difficult time because of COVID-19, which forced my workplace to shut down to prevent the contagious disease spreading over the country. Even though I understood the situation, it made me hopeless since I cannot do anything to change the situations. I just have to wait until I can go back to the workplace and make the proper money.

Until yesterday, I felt like I almost committed suucide. I imagined to kill myself to end all the difficulties going aroung me. Fortunately, I tried my best to gather up all yhe energies to move and endure for the next 100 days and rebuild my days.

I decided to dream again. I am a dreamer and always chase my dreams, but without knowing what to do and how to take action, all my dreams became just a mirage. For the last attempt before giving all up, I pulled all the dreams in my mind such as a house, a car, a gift to my parents, and so on.

Here is the list of my dreams:

  1. Yellow Lamborghini Urus
  2. Tower Palace in Do-gok, Seoul – a gift to my parents
  3. SK Apelbaum in Samsung-dong, Seoul

Currently, those three wishes became so vivid. I want to sprint for the nexy hundred days and see what would happen in my life. I wish I can achieve all.

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